Investigations Katzler, Vienna

The detective agency Katzler offers high-quality, inconspicuous and discreet investigative services for private and business clients. Our team consists of male and female detectives with many years of professional experience; we use state-of-the-art investigative equipment and have a network of cooperation partners in place, both at home and abroad.

In consultation with the client, we determine the optimal investigative technique for the respective matter to ensure promising investigations. Through discreet observations, technically complex GPS tracking and in-depth questioning of witnesses, we produce the desired results and secure legally valid evidence.

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Services for private clients

• Determination of addresses
• Securing of evidence
• Credit standing information
• Theft and vandalism
• Threats and extortion
• Marriage and partnership
• Inheritance matters
• Investigations in rental matters
• GPS tracking
• Checking of company of youth
• Observations
• Personal security and escort
• Divorce
• Sexual molestation, mobbing, stalking
• Custody matters
• Search for persons
• Maintenance matters
• Paternity tests
• Evidence of betrayal of marriage
• Surveillance during holidays, company excursions and seminars

Services for business clients

• Determination of addresses
• Investigation of persons and matters
• Investigation of companies
• Back-door recruitment
• Checking of applicants
• Credit standing
• Theft
• Deployments abroad
• Investigations under tenancy law
• Damage to companies caused by third parties
• Checking of sickness-related absenteeism
• Mystery shopping
• Tracking of debtors
• Investigation of employees
• Defamation
• Competition violations


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